Customizing the fileserver

The next step is to customize the fileserver, so we can boot cpu servers and terminals off of the fileserver.

First turn permission checking off on the fileserver so you can modify system files, reboot the machine and hit a key when you get the message about entering config mode, type "allow" followed by "end". Permission checking is now off and you can customize the fileserver. using the cpu/auth server, mount the fileserver filesystem on the cpu/auth server machine using commands like:

     srv il!vampira
     mount -c /srv/il!vampira /n/vampira
and edit the files.

The fileserver will be used to boot 3 kinds of systems: terminals, secondary cpu servers, and the primary cpu/auth server.

Booting the cpu/auth server

A number of modifications are required to boot the cpu/auth server off of the file server.

copy configuration files from the kfs fisk filesystem to the fileserver

	cp /n/vampira/rc/bin/cpurc /n/vampira/rc/bin/cpurc.orig
	cp /rc/bin/cpurc /n/vampira/rc/bin/
	cp /n/vampira/lib/ndb/local /n/vampira/lib/ndb/local.orig
	cp /lib/ndb/local /n/vampira/lib/ndb/
	cp /lib/ndb/external /n/vampira/lib/ndb/

boot the cpu server using the "il" option from the plan9.ini

after booting off fileserver, rebuild the os for 386, alpha, and arm

	cd /sys/src
	mk clean
	mk install
	mk clean
	objtype=alpha mk install
	mk clean
	objtype=arm mk install

generate ssh keys

Booting terminals

Very few modifications are needed to for booting terminals off of the file server. Cpu servers and terminals run different copies of some services. When setting up the cpu/auth server we just deleted the terminal services and replaced them by the appropriate cpu/auth server ones. For the general setup where multiple types of machine can boot off of the fileserver, we use multiple copies of the "service" directories. If you make separate copies of each of these directories, all you need to do is add your terminal to /lib/ndb/local. you will need the mac addr, which can be found in /net/ether0/addr.

At this point you should be able to boot a terminal by typing "il" at the boot prompt rather than "local"

Booting Secondary cpu servers

Setup the /rc/bin/cpurc . file.

Set up /n/vampira/lib/ndb/auth so that the cpu owner user is allowed to become any user

        uid=!sys uid=!adm uid=*
and setup the service directories:
	mkdir /rc/bin/service.cpu
	cp /rc/bin/service/* /rc/bin/service.cpu/
	mv /rc/bin/service.cpu/il566 /rc/bin/service.cpu/_il566
	mv /rc/bin/service.cpu/tcp567 /rc/bin/service.cpu/_tcp567
	mv /rc/bin/service.auth/il565 /rc/bin/service.auth/_il565

Last Modified: May 27 2002