FreeBSD gateway (

The machine fbsd serves as a gateway between the internal plan9 network and the external network. It has a number of uses:

1) Gives plan9 users access to unix/X applications by using vnc.

2) Gives unix users access to plan9 machines using drawterm and netkey.

3) Gives plan9 users access to unix (including nfs) filesystems via u9fs.

4) Controls baytech power units, which allow cluster nodes to be power cycled.


Using drawterm in fbsd to access plan9

/usr/local/bin/dt <cpu server>

Using netkey in fbsd to generate auth tokens for plan9


Using vnc on plan9 to get X desktop

on fbsd:
/usr/X11R6/bin/vncserver -geometry 1000x750
will respond with an X display e.g on plan9:
import plan9 /net.alt
import plan9 /net.alt /net
vncviewer <X display>

using u9fs to access unix filesystems from plan9

on plan9:
srv -m tcp! fbsd /n/fbsd
cd into /n/fbsd to see fbsd's filesystems (including nfs mounted ones)

Power cycle a hung DL360 cluster node

/usr/local/packages/ADMIN/etc/power cycle <cpu server>

Last Modified: May 27 2002